This is a rank that you obtain if you have become infamus on any of the deltagamers servers. There is many ways that people can get banned which can be individual for each server or can be a ip ban which bans you from everything that Deltagamers has. This is lowest rank you can be. The rank has a Command limit of 1 and a set permission of -20

What the rank entailsEdit

If you are banned on FreeBuild then you can not enter the server.

If you are banned on DreamWorld then you can not enter the server.

===Lava Survival===
If you are banned on Lava Survival then you can not enter the server.

Commands they can useEdit

The banned rank can not use any command on the account of them being banned. These are the commands that are listed as banned+ on the servers. Which basicly means any one above the rank of banned can use them which is everyone.


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